Monzter Cakes becomes a wholesaler!

I am now stocking cafes all around Melbourne with my beautiful fondant decorated gingerbread/vanilla cookies, macarons and slices! You can now purchase my cakes and cookies with your coffee order on a daily basis. 

This year I am focusing on wholesaling to cafes, delis and independent food stores, it is proving to be a fantastic way to grow my business! And not to mention I get to meet and network with lots of amazing people.

I have to say a big thank you to The Parlor Kitchen in Beaumaris for always making me a delicious chai when I stock them up every week! (Cheers to them in the photo!) They also have an incredible breakfast, lunch and dinner Menu!

To keep up to date with what cafes I am wholesaling to you can find the list on my contact page or follow my instagram page. I am always posting a pic with the business card and cafe attached to it!

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