Bringing back the Bundt!

My mum has always told me stories about how she loved to enjoy a traditional Bundt cake with her grandma with a hot cuppa when she was about my age living in the UK. These cakes are not seen around now very often.. so I thought to myself.. why not bring them back?! 

I have been working on a modern version of the Bundt cake and before I tell you about my version... you need to know about the traditional one first!


The Traditional Bundt

A Bundt Cake (pronounced "Bunt") is a cake baked in a Bundt pan first created in Germany. The Bundt pans are more than just a cake pan; they are like "cake moulds" of various designs, so that cakes that come out of them are highly decorative in and of themselves and require little if any additional work to decorate.

Typical decorations might include a dusting of icing sugar, or a drizzle of a glaze. Typically, you won't want to frost or ice them completely, as with many Bundt designs the frosting would hide the complex detail, which is the whole point.

The edges of the cake are crusty owing to the nature of the pans, which adds to the unadorned taste interest of the cake.

All Bundt Cakes have a hole in the centre, owing to the nature of the pans. When the cake is served, this hole may if desired be filled with whipped cream, ice cream, fruits, etc.

So I have taken these spongy bundts of joy and mixed them with my baked doughnut glazes and various fillings to create a modern version of the Bundt Cake! Flavours that I have created so far are:
Raspberry, Coconut and white chocolate
Vanilla Bean & Rose
Turkish Delight
Almond and Raspberry
Apple and Cinnamon
Original Glaze
Chocolate Mud
Pistachio & Raspberry

Here are some photos of my creations so far! They are available in the store for purchase as well. I think they make a fantastic favour for parties or weddings and they are great for gifts, morning and afternoon teas and corporate events =)


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