My wedding buffet - 16th September 2017

Hi everyone!! 

So its been quite a while since I have written a blog... but I'm back!! 

Its been one crazy busy year with organising my wedding and I wanted to share with you some photos of the big day and all the cakes that myself and my beautiful mum Lorraine made. 

It took us about 6 months to prep the cakes. The main cake was made of 4 tiers dummy cakes which allowed us to work long and hard on the painted floral tier as well as the gold top tier with the handmade sugar flower ball on top. The bottom tier was a 15 inch double chocolate cake (which I only just managed to squeeze into my oven!!) and the 4th tier a 8 inch white chocolate and raspberry mud. 

Alongside my cake I made pastille macarons in oero, salted caramel, strawberried and cream and nutella. 

I also love love love to make mini tarts, friands, cookies, chocolates... all types of petit fours! So although I wasn't originally going to go all out on making a whole buffet.. how could not! So we also made a few little bits and pieces to fill my beautiful gold stands.

We made raspberry & white chocolate ganache tarts, salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache tarts, applie crumble (Hubbys favorite), lemon meringues, GF friands & red velvet cupcakes! 


I also made chocolate bonbonnieres which where little hearts in chocolate & raspberry & white chocolate. 

All the chocolates and tarts had a touch of either gold or floral to match in with my pastille theme. I was so happy with how it all came together on the day! 

This was honestly one of the most memorable cake moments in my life!! I loved every second of baking, decorating and styling my buffet. It is always something I have dream't of doing and couldn't be happier with the end result! I have to give a huge thank you to my mum Lorraine for all her hard work, love and support throughout such a stressful time. I truly couldn't have put this all together without you by my side! 


So now on to whats coming up!!

I traveled to Italy & France for my honeymoon and OMG it was cake heaven! I am so inspired and excited to start working on my new products. Keep and eye out as ill be posting some new blogs on my new products!

I am also starting on my Christmas cakes and prepping for my markets.. We have some chocolaty goodness coming for you this year to! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have sharing it =)

Mon xx


  • Julie-Anne

    Wow……you and your brilliant Mum have outdone yourselves. You looked beautiful and your cake and buffet look stunning….cannot wait to see what treats you cook up after travelling xo

  • Pam

    Congratulations Monique. You looked beautiful and your cakes are works of art. You and your Mum are so clever

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