NEW!! Baked Doughnuts

Hi Everyone! 

Today I wanted to let you know about my exciting new product that I have been working on.. BAKED DOUGHNUTS! For those of you who haven't come across a baked doughnut before here is your introduction. A baked doughnut is a lighter (due to it being baked) more cake like version of a doughnut! They can be jam filled, glazed, coated in cinnamon sugar just like a normal doughnut... or! exciting news.. my new doughnuts come in many different flavour variations / combinations which makes my light fluffy rounds perfect for all occasions!



Great news!! I will be selling my new baked doughnuts this Saturday at the Boneo Market. I will also have some samples for you to try.. but I assure you, you wont be able to pass these up they are definitely the perfect weekend treat!

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