Sharing my passion for cakes!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share my special cake moment with you all!

I had my engagement party on Saturday night and after a month of preparation for my sweet dessert table it came together just the way I had it pictured... So rewarding!! I have always dream't of making my own engagement and wedding cake.. its not something you get to do everyday! I had the most amazing experience working on all my different cakes. I had made cupcakes, cake pops and cookie favor packs for my guests to take home. And a range of desserts for them to nibble on throughout the night!

My passion and love for baking showed on the night and I was so proud of all that I had created for my guests. I love sharing food with people there is just something about satisfying people and making memories with good food. I find that people will always remember what food they shared when particular memories where created.

Here are some photos below of all of my desserts that I made for the night, have a look, get some inspiration and enjoy. Send through photos of your buffet if you would like to share, I would love to see them! 

Now to get back to business this week as I have been so busy last week prepping all my cakes... now I will get back to making yours!  











Much Love xx

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